I find joy through the lens of a camera.

I hope you see the beauty that I do.
It is amazing and beautiful.

We all know the old saying, stop and smell the roses. How many of us actually do that? Before I started taking photos, I never paid attention to the dew on the grass. Never, ever realized just how very cool it is. You may have seen beautiful birds and took notice, but have you ever sat with them for hours and watched their antics? I sit for hours with the geese and the birds at the river. They make me smile, they make me laugh. They have personalities! Who would have thought that? I wouldn’t have had I not sat with them.

Insects may not be your thing, but I find them, like the dew drops, fascinating. I started out photographing the spiders on the outside of my house. I’ve watched them for hours too. They are amazing. The spinning of their webs...catching their prey and wrapping it (they spin it between two legs and wrap and wrap and wrap!)....You may not like spiders and many fear them, but if you really watch them, you might be truly amazed. And all the insects that I never would have imagined that live right outside in my backyard! Insects I’ve never seen and have no idea what they are, and I keep finding more! Some of them smaller than the dew drops. Some of them almost look cartoon like and like the birds, make me laugh. I would have never known these silly bugs existed in my backyard had I not sat with them.

Had I not discovered my love of photography I would have never, for hours, sat with the birds and the insects or laid in the grass finding the perfect dew drops. Photography makes me stop and smell the roses. Photography makes me truly appreciate nature. Photography makes me see beauty in things I would have never thought of as possessing beauty.

Photography is my absolute, indescribable, soul filling........JOY.

I hope these pictures help you to stop and smell the roses.

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