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Someone once asked me which is prettier? The first flowers of spring or the last blooming flowers of Autumn? And then said, "One is the harbinger of what is to come, the other the last before the bleakness of winter."

My answer to this was:
The beauty of the first flowers of Spring not only have an aesthetic appeal, their springing forth brings hope and renewal.
The last blooming flowers of Autumn, if you are aware and wise enough to hold on to their colorful memory, hold them in your mind and heart, will keep your soul warm through the bleakness of winter.

If you can keep in mind the seeds of the Autumn flowers, lying dormant, underneath the frozen earth, you'll always have their memories. But more importantly you will have the warmth of knowing the Spring sun will arrive eventually and awaken the seeds and once again the cycle of beauty, hope and renewal will return.

Nature. Food for the Soul.