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Dewdrops. This is where my love of photography began. I had an inexpensive digital camera that I used simply for Christmas, birthdays, family photos. One night out in the backyard and playing with the camera I realized it had a macro setting on it. The dew on the grass intrigued me and took some pictures. When I uploaded them I was thrilled and amazed. Those tiny drops you barely notice became beautiful, perfect orbs. A few pictures turned out really nice (or so I thought at the time) with the “hair” on the grass and the perfect round orbs hanging in a row along the blade of grass. The photo is not on this website. As thrilled as I was with that picture then, I have learned a little more since then and have a better camera. The photo that I adored is now a bit embarrassing with all the background noise and awful colors. Yet, I still look at it and smile. It is what started this joy within me when I take photographs.
Look closely and you will see more than a dew drop. Some reflect the grass around it, flowers behind it and even the clouds in the sky above. I think they are truly beautiful.